You will be paid instant money right at the moment of car towing process!

Your car isn’t simply a chunk of scrap that must be thrown away. Even if your vehicle is rusty to its roots, you’ll earn cash from it. Even if your vehicle has fully grown weed and dandelions inside, we have a tendency to still would pay you top dollar cash for cars Brisbane. With simply 3 easy steps, you’ll sell your car for cash to urgent cash for Cars. We can swear upon our swiftness since we’ve been in this business for a long time. Thousands of happy customers have sold-out their thousands of vehicles to us and were paid top dollar cash. Earn your cash for cars today by following three simple steps:

First thing first, call us and understand our car removal and cash for cars process. Get all your doubts clarified before dealing with us. You can ask as many questions as you must and we would be more than obliged to answer all your queries.

Even if your vehicle is rusted to its roots, you can earn money from it. Get a free quote for your car either through our website or by calling us. You can also visit your nearby store of Urgent Cash for Cars and get an instant quote for your car.

Confirm Payment Method

Get a quote for your vehicle and confirm the payment method. If you want cash, we will draw cash from the bank for you and pay you in your hands right at the moment of the towing process. If you would like online account transfer, get us the specified credentials to urge the process going.


With the present cost of scrap metal, offering your scrap auto for cash may not pay for a five-star excursion at any point in the near future, however, it’s as yet a decent little reward. Urgent Cash for Cars, the name speaks for itself. How many services do we offer? Let’s dig in:

  • Cash For Scrap Cars
  • Cash For Scrap Cars Sunshine Coast
  • Cash for Cars Toowoomba
  • Cars Removal
  • Cash For Scrap Cars GoldCoast
  • Cash For Cars Bundaberg


From Volkswagen to Holden, BMW to Ford, the Commercial vehicle to Passenger Vehicle, Car Removal Gold Coast pays top dollar for all makes and models of vehicles and constantly upgrading our equipment and services. We are multi-branded wrecking car dealers with various dealing. We ensure our customer a safe and smooth car selling experience ever with 100% customer satisfaction and courteous staff. Selling a car had never been easier!

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Have you ever got scrap car rusting in your backyard that you simply suppose is of no use to you anymore? Sell any make, model or condition of the vehicle to Urgent Cash for Cars today. It is time you start opting for big money, earn up to $8999 for scrap vehicles from us.

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If you live in Gold Coast and have been finding a reliable cash for cars store, search no longer. Urgent Cash for Cars is here to pay you top dollar for your scrap, junk, unwanted cars.

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Sunshine Coast is a gorgeous place and quite wet. It is okay to get your car rusted faster than other areas when living in Sunshine Coast. Urgent Cash for Cars will pay top dollar for your scrap cars instantly!

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Get your automobile removed for completely free. Yes, no towing charges or whatsoever. When you avail our cash for cars provide, you’ll get free car removal from Urgent Cash for Cars.


When you book an appointment with us, we likewise contact you shortly and settle for a day of evaluation. Once the evaluation is made, you will be provided with a car quote, that depends on you if you want to sell your vehicle to us in that offer. When you accept our offer, we will settle a day and time at your earliest convenience to pick up your car and pay instant cash for cars right on the spot with your chosen payment method.