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What are the criteria to determine if the car that I hold is a junk or not?

This is one of the most common questions around not only for newbies. The criteria are simple that we often ignore. There are certain basics to identify if a vehicle has turned into junk or scrap or can still be used as a car.


sell junk car for cash

Do not ignore these signs when your car reaches the end of its age. It’s time you sell your junk car and earn top cash.

  • Age – The age of car plays important role in determining the deterioration and worth. If you own a classic in a good condition that runs efficiently, it is clearly not a junk. But if you own an old model vehicle that does not run or requires frequent maintenance, you really need to contact a junkyard as soon as possible.
  • Missing paperwork – Do you think running a car on roads without paperwork is legal or authorized? This is a serious case and the punishment is even worse. Do not take risk of driving an auto with missing paperwork on roads. Either gather its missing paperwork or sell it to the junkyard because it clearly is a junk now.
  • Damage – The more damaged your car is, the more junk it will be. It is not wise to pay the high cost for maintenance and repair. Fixing a vehicle frequently may seem light on the pocket but in reality, it is tearing apart your pocket slowly. Selling a damaged car to junkyards is the best option in this regard. You neither have to pay for repair and maintenance charges, instead, you get paid good cash to buy a new car that is not damaged.
  • Stationary – A car that stays stationary at a place is worth nothing but to grow weeds and shrubs in it. Seriously what are you doing with this vehicle? Get rid of it, throw it away and sell this stationary vehicle to junkyards that are willing to pay you top cash for it.
  • Low value – An auto with the low value is worth nothing but selling before the value stoops down to much lower value than it is now. Your vehicle is absolutely considered a junk car when every car dealer is providing your car value near to scrap car or scrap metal. It is time to sell your junk car and earn good cash.